Each session includes as much time, clothing changes, and style adjustments as needed to get the images we love. We will get it right together, and we’ll make sure you’re comfortable throughout the experience. Trust, I won’t keep you longer than necessary. That said, we don’t need to compromise our work because someone is booked right after you, or because we’re not quite where we need to be, but your 30-minute or 60-minute session is moments from expiring. I accept no more than two sessions per day in service to this ethos. One in the morning, and one in the afternoon.

Lighting, posing, and composition are essential, and they can be locked in fairly quickly. The expression, the critical element of any headshot, often requires equal parts relaxation and time to coax out because getting a headshot made tends to make people feel uncomfortable. I am more concerned with creating quality images that I can be proud of and you can derive value from than leaving you to choose from a set of 50 more or less identical images that all miss the mark. I’m for quality over quantity. The expression we’re after is all about confidence and approachability. Confidence comes from the eyes. Approachability comes from the mouth. Competence is conveyed through relaxation. Whether we get there early or a bit later is fine because we’re not racing the clock. In either case we’ve got ample time to cycle through all the outfit changes we want to. I promise not to keep you longer than necessary.

Before the session, we’ll connect to get a sense of what you need and what you need it for. We’ll talk clothing, styling, and makeup (if applicable), and review pre-shoot preparation guidelines so we can be ahead of the game. We’ll also determine the date, time, and location of our session. During the session I’ll coach you on everything you need to know. Our goal in working together is creating great images and I’ll put in as much time as we need to get them.

We’ll review images once or twice as we go to check our progress, and if you want to make changes, we can fix things up on the spot (that would be the original Photoshop). We’ll delete images that don’t work, mark the best of the best images, and review those at the end of our session to make your selections. You won’t pay for any images you don’t want or need.

Once your selections are made I will complete any needed retouching and deliver your finished images to you electronically. You can expect to receive versions optimized for display on your website, social media, and print. I also include black & white versions for you to use in the event your image won’t be displayed in color.


The individual headshot session fee is a flat $200. This includes:

  • No time limit on your session

  • Unlimited Outfit Changes

  • Pre-shoot Preparation Guidelines

  • Image Review During The Session

  • One on One Assistance in Selecting Images After The Session

  • Professional Retouching For All Selections Made

  • Digital Delivery With Custom Versions for Social Media and Print

Each selected image is $40. The final cost of your visit will be the total of the session fee plus the cost of your retouched images. Tax, where applicable, is included in the price.

For corporate rates, please contact me.