about jameel morrison

Jameel. April, 2019. I actually do look like this  today , however, there’s a 97% chance I’m not wearing a suit and tie.

Jameel. April, 2019. I actually do look like this today, however, there’s a 97% chance I’m not wearing a suit and tie.

 A brief summary of the last 13 years:

I was working retail. I bought a camera, lenses, flashes, accessories, a computer, and software. Not all at once. I made some photographs. I registered a business. I quit a job working retail. (Editor’s note: I didn’t have photo clients when I did that.) I made some photographs. I started attending seminary. I got married. We started paying off student loan and credit card debt. I made some photographs. I sold and purchased equipment. I completed seminary. I made some photographs. I began pastoring a church. Made more photographs. We finished paying off debt.

First child. We made some photographs, and we even sent out announcement cards. More pastoring. I made some photographs. We moved. More pastoring. Second child. We made some more photographs, and sent fewer announcement cards. I also made some photographs, sold and purchased equipment and refined approaches to making photographs. We replaced one car by buying another with cash. More pastoring. The other car folded. Minivan life. Third child while relocating. We made some photographs and texted people because we weren’t hanging 18-year-tenant-No. 3 over the Facebook/Instagram balcony like that. (Editor’s note: They’re all adorable, and that’s my wife’s fault.)

Still pastoring, and, scene. (Editor’s note: that’s a pre-Netflix Arrested Development reference.)

For me, headshot photography provides a more than satisfying mix of human interaction, technical know-how, and artistic interpretation. I also still need and want to make more photographs. I look forward to working with you.

Random Observations

  • A minivan is just a book bag on steroids (or, conceived in the mind of Batman). Just think about that for a minute.

  • I bought my first digital SLR in 2006. It was a Canon Rebel XT. I went with the all black one because that meant it was professional (see also, “I chose gunmetal”). I also shot the 30D and then the original 5D before switching to Fuji because, reasons.

  • I think I might be the only living left-handed person in my family. That's inclusive of Mom and Dad’s sides and the fantastic family expansion pack gained through marriage.

  • Deconstructed cheesecake prepared sous vide in a mason jar is amazing, but I don’t really like cheesecake that much. Really, I don’t. But it’s a nice dessert to keep in the tuck.

  • Häagen-Dazs’ foolery with stocking Brownies À La Mode taught me that Truffle Kerfluffle is life.

  • I graduated from Rutgers University’s New Brunswick Campus in 2003. I did not major in, nor study photography. (I was a Communication major and a Psychology minor.)

  • When I used to play Contra with my Dad back in the day*, there were times when he’d use all 30 of his lives and 29 of mine. That somehow seemed to increase the likelihood that I’d slip up and die within the first minute of level 8.

  • ‘Hey Ya’ (Andre 3000) and ‘Another Star’ (Stevie Wonder) are pretty sad songs if you actually listen to the lyrics, but through the magic of music they don’t dance that way.

  • Oh snap. I can legitimately use the expression “back in the day”. Achievement Unlocked.

*U-U-D-D-L-R-L-R-B-A-B-A-select-start, or he wouldn’t make it with me.